Scott Valley Unified School District-Staff Directory
Staff Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Phone #  School 
Justin  Allen  Maintenance    Etna Elementary School   
Jim  Ayres  Teacher     Scott Valley Community Day School   
Scott  Bennett  Mechanic    Departments/
Lisa  Besoain  One-on-One Paraprofessional  530-467-3244 ext 1304  Etna High School   
Kimberly   Bloor  Paraprofessional     Scott Valley Community Day School   
Christy  Boudro  Library Media Tech  530-468-5565 x7505  Scott Valley Junior High School   
Marie  Caldwell  Superintendent  (530) 468-2727   Homepage   
Susan  Callaghan  Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Lizzie  Christ-Eastlick  SAFE Site Coordinator    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Holly   Cousineau  S.A.F.E. Coordinator    Etna Elementary School   
Lisa  Dean  1st Grade Teacher    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Jodi  Deppen  RSP Teacher    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Tracy  Dickinson  Athletic Director/Dean of Students/English Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1402 AD ext 1506  Etna High School   
Taylor  Dowling  Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Laura  Downey  Paraprofessional    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Danielle  Eastlick  4th Grade Teacher    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Lillian  Eastlick  CBO  (530) 468-2727 ext. 8503   Homepage   
Savanna  Eastlick  School Secretary    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Joy  Edwards  Human Resources Director  (530) 468-2727 ext. 8504    Homepage   
Monica  Facey  Food Service Worker    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Chris  Forrester  Library Tech  530-467-3244 ext 1101  Etna High School   
Scott  Forrester  Physical Education  530-468-5565 x 7013  Scott Valley Junior High School   
Kristy  Franklin  Mathematics Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1308  Etna High School   
Yolanda  Garcia Lopez  Spanish  530-467-3244 ext. 310  Etna High School   
Bridgette  Gomes  Preschool Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Laureen  Greenhalgh  Food Service Worker    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Deena  Hahn  Paraprofessional    Etna Elementary School   
Regina  Hanna  Principal  467-3244  Etna High School   
Garren  Hanon  Principal    Etna Elementary School   
Jacob  Hargett  Agriculture/Shop Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1603  Etna High School   
Kellie  Hargett  Agriculture/Science Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1601  Etna High School   
Josh  Harnden  English Instructor  530-467-3244 ext 1303  Etna High School   
Sara  Harris  S.A.F.E. Coordinator - District Sub Caller  530-468-5565 x 7004  Scott Valley Junior High School   
Staci  Harris  Physical Education, CHE Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1513  Etna High School   
Dianne  Hasemeyer  Transportation Supervisor    Departments/
Les  Helsley  Teacher    Scott River High School   
Les  Helsley  Teacher     Scott Valley Junior High School   
Jennifer  Hewitt  Paraprofessional    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Aileen  Hildebrand  After School Assistant    Etna Elementary School   
Anne  Hilton  Counselor  530-467-3244 ext 1503  Etna High School   
Julie  Hogun  District Secretary  (530) 468-2727    Homepage   
Cheryl  Horvath  Kindergarten Teacher    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Susan  Houg  Title VII    Etna Elementary School   
Tamy  Howerton  Culinary Arts Instructor/Cafeteria   467-3244 ext. 1511  Etna High School   
Christine   Hullquist  Maintenance/Custodian    Etna Elementary School   
Amy  Hurlimann  English Teacher  530-468-5565 x 7001  Scott Valley Junior High School   
Manu  Iannios  Bookkeeper & Registrar  467-3244 ext. 1505  Etna High School   
Joy  Isbell  Principal    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Kay  Isbell  Physics Instructor  530-467-3244 ext 1202  Etna High School   
Irene  Jenott  5th Grade Teacher    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Brenda  Johnson  Cafeteria Supervisor - Cook    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Katie  Johnson  BASS Assistant    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Michele  Johnson  Secretary    Scott Valley Community Day School   
Michele  Johnson  Secretary  530-468-5565 x7000  Scott Valley Junior High School   
Ruth  Johnson  Library Media Tech     Fort Jones Elementary School   
Shelly  Johnson  Secretary  467-3244 ext 1500  Etna High School   
Lynn  Karpinski  Art/Publishing/Comp Graphics Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1103  Etna High School   
Alan  Kramer  Maintenance  598-2354  Etna High School   
Raylene  Lang  Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Kylie  Leutzinger  Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Marcia   Lloyd  Resource Aide    Scott Valley Junior High School   
Emi  Loogman  RSP Paraprofessional    Etna Elementary School   
Tammy  Luiz  Resource Teacher    Scott Valley Community Day School   
Tammy  Luiz  Resource Teacher  530-468-5565 x7005  Scott Valley Junior High School   
Patricia  Lytken  Food Service     Etna Elementary School   
Brit  March  Upward Bound Coordinator  530-467-3244 ext 1517  Etna High School   
Irene  Martin  Librarian/Technology Specialist    Etna Elementary School   
Brooke  Mason  Preschool Teacher    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Alexis  McDonald  Science Specialist    Etna Elementary School   
Alexis  McDonald  Science Enrichment Instructor    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Melanie  Mendenhall  Preschool Site Coordinator/Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Simon  Mendenhall  Preschool Teacher    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Casandra  Merrihew  2nd Grade Teacher    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Jed  Merrihew  6th grade English/Social Studies teacher     Scott Valley Junior High School   
Hayley  Moyles  Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Michele  Murphy  RSP Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Justin  Neely  Lead Maintenance Custodian    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Amber   O'Reilly  Science Teacher  530-468-5565 x7003  Scott Valley Junior High School   
Thelia  Palmer  After School Assistant    Etna Elementary School   
Print  Paw      Etna High School   
Heidi   Pennington  Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Tana  Piersall  Principal   530-468-5565 x7000  Scott Valley Junior High School   
Alicia  Pindell  Resource Paraprofessional    Scott Valley Junior High School   
Keely  Pindell  Title I Paraprofessional    Etna Elementary School   
Susan  Rickey  6th Grade Teacher Math / Science  530-468-5565 x7007  Scott Valley Junior High School   
Kay  Rivers  Paraprofessional    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Asa  Robinson  Teacher  (530) 467-5279  Scott Valley Options - Home School   
Samantha  Robinson  Mathematics Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1309  Etna High School   
Ron  Rudden  Maintenance  467-3244 ext. 1605  Etna High School   
Jenna  Ruggles  Secretary    Etna Elementary School   
Hannah   Schickle  6th Grade Teacher English / Social Studies  530-468-5565 x7008  Scott Valley Junior High School   
Randi  Scroggins  Maintenance/Custodian    Etna Elementary School   
Crasandra   Shelton  Secretary    Scott River High School   
Crasandra  Shelton  BASS After School Assistant    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Crasandra   Shelton  Secretary  (530) 467-5279  Scott Valley Options - Home School   
Crassandra  Shelton  SV Options Secretary  467-5279  Etna High School   
Beth  Singer  Technology Specialist    Departments/
Lindsay  Smith  5th Grade Teacher    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Nicole  Stacher  Paraprofessional    Etna Elementary School   
Leanna  Stapleton  Title VII Paraprofessional    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Sean  Stapleton  Social Science Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1401  Etna High School   
Julie  Sutter  Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Kristy  Sweezey  Cook    Etna Elementary School   
Laurie  Sweezey  Paraprofessional    Etna Elementary School   
Barbara  Thackeray  3rd Grade Teacher    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Lisa  Theofanides  Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Sheryl  Towne  Technology Supervisor    Departments/
Amy  Walton  Resource Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1304  Etna High School   
Kerry  Wessell  Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Rick  Wilkins  Maintenance Supervisor  530-468-5565 x7012  Scott Valley Junior High School   
Kristine  Wooldridge  Custodian    Fort Jones Elementary School   
Danielle  Yokel  Math Teacher   530-468-5565 x7009  Scott Valley Junior High School   
Kathryn  Young  Theatre Arts Teacher    Etna Elementary School   
Kathryn  Young  Music Instructor    Fort Jones Elementary School   
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