Scott Valley Unified School District-Absences

When a child is absent for more than a day, assignments should be requested by the parent. This also may be done by calling the School Office. 
California State Education Code requires parents of children from ages 6 to 18 to send their children to school. The only valid reasons that students may be excused from school attendance include the following:
  • Personal illness
  • Observing a religious holiday
  • Court appearance
  • Attending a funeral
  • Doctor or Dentist Appointment
After 3 days of unexcused absences, 3 tardies greater than 30 minutes,  or a combination of the two, parents will be informed that their child is truant. Continued absences after that point will result in a parent conference, possible referral to the School Success Team (SST) and/or referral to the Siskiyou County Student Attendance Review Board (SARB). Tardies are considered excused if  the student was late due to any of the above mentioned absences.  

If you know your student will be gone and it is not an excused absence reason, then you can request an Intent to be Absence Form or an Independent Study Form from the office. This way the absences will be marked as excused and will not count towards truancy.

District Chronic Absences and Truancy Process

Attendance for Extra Curricular Activities

In order to participate in an after school or during school extra-curricular activity, students MUST:
  • Be in school all day until dismissed to attend the activity.
  • Be in school all day on Friday if the activity is on a Saturday.
  • Be in school all day the day prior to the activity if the student will be leaving for the activity before school starts the next day.
  • Not be tardy for school on the event day.

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