Scott Valley Unified School District-Cafeteria Information and Menus

Breakfast and Lunch Program

Breakfast and lunch are served each school day. Menus are sent home at the beginning of the month. Pupils from families, whose income is appropriate, are eligible for meals at free or reduced prices.

District Meal Charge Policy 
If there is a change in your family's income due to reasons such as unemployment or a change in family size, please contact us. This change may make your child eligible for this special lunch program.
Breakfast Prices:  Lunch Prices:
K-5 grade students: $1.25 K-5 grade students: $2.00
Reduced price: $.30 Reduced price: $.40
Adults: $2.25 Adults: $3.50
Milk: $.30 Milk: $.30
 If your child brings a sack lunch from home he/she can purchase milk for 30ยข. THIS INCLUDES STUDENTS ON THE FREE/REDUCED MEAL PROGRAM.

We now have the My School Bucks Program. For more information go to
 the District Web Site Home Page. Click on Department. Then click on Food Service.
Breakfast Menu 
Lunch Menu


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