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PO Box 607
11033 Quartz Valley Rd.
Fort Jones, CA 96032
Phone: 530-468-5565
Fax: 530-468-5658
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Scott Valley Community Day School

Scott Valley Community Day School is located in Quartz Valley and is part of Scott Valley Unified School District's Alternative Education Program. The school was originally designed for expelled students but typically the school district does not have expelled youth. The school district uses the community day school for instruction within a small learning environment and behavior modification.  Students who have poor behavior, poor attendance, poor achievement levels or a lack of motivation will be able to learn new skills to help them better succeed in school. The population of the school is always small and the students get one to one help from a full time paraprofessional and a certificated teacher. The students are often on educational and/or behavioral plans so they can earn their way into one of the districts traditional schools. The goal for the school is to help all students to become successful students and productive citizens.

School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

11033 Quartz Valley Road
PO Box 607
Fort Jones, CA 96032
Phone: 530-468-5565

SVCDS Staff:
Marie Caldwell, Principal

Michele Johnson, Secretary

Jim Ayres, Teacher

Tammy Luiz, RSP Teacher

Kimberly Bloor, Paraprofessional

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