The purpose of the school's discipline plan is to create an orderly and safe environment for all pupils. The discipline plan is posted in each classroom. The discipline plan is as follows:

Staff and Student Rights

All staff and students shall be:


The student will:
Be on time, prepared with proper materials, including planner or folder
Be kind, cooperate, and respect others and property.
Follow directions, complete assignments and stay on task.
Not disrupt the school or use unacceptable language.​​

Some actions may result in immediate removal from the classroom or the campus

Zap Card
The ZAP CARD may be issued by any staff member. It is immediate notice to the student that he/she has behaved inappropriately.  The student is to take the Zap Card home for a parent/guardian signature and return it the next day to Mrs. Isbell at first morning recess. Failure to do so will result in a second ZAP Card.

Detention may be assigned by the any staff member.  Detention will be held from 11:50 AM to 12:20 PM Monday thru Friday.

Suspension means the removal of a student from ongoing instruction for the purpose of adjustment. Students may be assigned an in-school suspension. In this case the student will be sent with his/her class materials to the office and will work under the supervision of the Principal and/or a substitute teacher. In more severe cases the student will be required to remain at home for the length of the suspension.

BULLDOG P.A.W.S – Positive Action With Support
Students who need continue to break our school agreements of being SAFE, RESPECTFUL, or RESPONSIBLE, and/or receive multiple zap cards or suspensions, may be nominated for our P.A.W.S. check-in/check-out program.  This program allows students to focus on and ultimately change specific behaviors.  The program is the result of a partnership between home, student, and school, which is defined in our P.A.W.S contract.  Students enrolled in P.A.W.S will check-in with the school principal each day to enforce positive behaviors and focus on goals, and they will check out with their homeroom teacher at the end of the day.

Expulsion is an action taken by the Board of Trustees for severe or prolonged breaches of the discipline code by a student. Expulsion, except for single acts of a grave nature, is usually reserved for application where there is a history of misconduct and where other forms of discipline, including suspension, have failed.