Fort Jones Elementary

Fort Jones Elementary is a comprehensive TK-2nd Grade school with an onsite state preschool which serves approximately 160 students. We are part of a small, rural, community in Northern California with a population of approximately 660. Fort Jones is nestled in beautiful Scott Valley and is surrounded by mountains, lakes, and forests. Employment consists of farming, numerous cottage industries, small-scale logging, Scott Valley Unified School District, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and U.S. Forest Service.

We are a part of the Scott Valley Unified School District and are one of two feeder schools to the junior high school. Our district also houses a high school, continuation school, and a community day school, in addition to two state preschools, two elementary schools, and one junior high school.

The Mission of Fort Jones Elementary, in partnership with students, parents, staff and community, is to provide each student with: An approved state adopted CCSS curriculum, challenging goals, timely, effective feedback, and a safe, friendly, and professional learning environment. We have high academic standards and an extremely supportive learning environment. FJE was named a California Distinguished School in 2006, a California Honor Roll School in 2016 and 2018, and our state preschool is a Golden Bell Award winner. This preschool jump starts the education of students entering Kindergarten and promotes early identification of students with special needs. By becoming a School-Wide Title 1 school, we are able to better address the needs of our students. Between our Title 1 and RSP services, we are able to offer differentiated instruction time to each student on a daily basis. These targeted interventions directly impact student achievement.

Fort Jones Elementary School employs a full-time administrator and a certificated staff of six full time classroom teachers, one full time Educational Specialist/Title 1 Teacher, half-time Science Instructor and a half-time Physical Education teacher. The classified staff includes a full-time maintenance/custodian, a full time custodian, a full-time cook and two part-time cook’s assistants, a part-time library/media/computer technician, a full-time secretary, three full-time classroom aides, one full-time Title 1 Aide, and one full-time RSP classroom aide. It also has part-time services from Speech and Psychological Specialists provided by the Siskiyou County Office of Education. FJES’s after school program BASS (Bulldog After School Studies) employs a site coordinator and one aide as well as other enrichment instructors.

Our dedicated staff works extremely hard to implement all aspects of the state’s standards-based educational system. They are dedicated to the belief that all children will and can achieve. All staff are appreciated and valued by a community that entrusts their children’s education to Fort Jones Elementary School.