A student is expected to be achieving at a reasonable rate toward graduation. A student
needs to stay on task while at school; complete all assignments on time, in the proper
format and quality; and be punctual to school and classes.

In order to graduate from Scott River High School a student must earn 210 credits.  If a Scott River High School student is not earning fifteen credits per quarter or is not on track to graduate, the District Administrative Review Team may explore other, involuntary, educational options for the student.  Completed assignments are awarded credit on the basis of the quality of the work and demonstrated learning. Credit is only awarded for assignments earning a grade of “C” or better. Seat time in class does not generate credit.

GED/California High School Proiciency Exam
A student younger than 18, and preparing for the GED and/or California High School Proficiency Exam, must be enrolled in academic classes four days per week at Scott River High School.

Scott River High School Graduation Requirements
To obtain an Alternative Education Program diploma, students must:
1. Earn a minimum of 210 credits by completing the following courses, or their equivalent:
a. Four courses in English:
English I: 10 credits
English II: 10 credits
English III: 10 credits
English IV: 10 credits
b. Three courses in Mathematics:
Algebra I: 10 credits
Math Elective: 20 Credits Personal Finance, Integrated Math
c. Three courses in Science:
Physical Science: 10 credits
Life Science: 10 credits
Social Science Elective: 10 credits
d. Four courses in Social Studies:
World History: 10 credits
United States History: 10 credits
American Government and Civics: 5 credits
Economics: 5 credits
d. Fine Art or Career Tech: 10 units
e. Physical Education: 20 credits
g. Elective courses: 45 credits (Driver’s Ed, Computer Applications, and
Community Service will be counted as an elective.)
h. CHE II/Health : 5 credits
TOTAL: 210