Associated Student Body (ASB)

Our ASB Bank Account consists of the following departments:

Panther Power  (Proceeds from Snack Shack sales)
Athletics (Proceeds from GATE admittance at home games / tournaments)
Student Body Cards
General Fund

We also have the following Clubs:
6th Grade Class
7th Grade Class
8th Grade Class

The monies generated in Panther Power and Athletics go to support our student body purchase orders.  The purchase orders are generated through our student government class and are the needs of the students by the students.  All purchase orders are voted on by the student government and passed or vetoed by Parliamentary Procedure.  Prior to the purchase orders being processed, they are signed off by the Club Representative, Student Body President, Student Body Advisor and Principal.

Yearbook is the account that students deposit into to pay for their end of school yearbooks.

Student Body Card is the account that students deposit into to pay for their school ID cards.  This account is considered a fundraising account and it help pays for our Dances and Pep Rally's.

General Fund is the account that is utilized for the SVJH Apparel, Local Donations, and any leftover monies from previous years 8th grade accounts.

Each class belongs to a club and they fundraise for their 8th grade trip.  The 8th grade trip varies on destinations, so it is up to the class on where they can afford to go!

8th Grade Parent Meeting Minutes

Dance Team is a club that does their own fundraising to pay for out of town competitions.