Employment Opportunities at SVUSD

Why Scott Valley

In Scott Valley, our schools are our community. As an educator, you are an integral part of that community, contributing to our most valued asset – our children. Our teachers are treated with the utmost respect, and many choose to contribute to the community in a variety of ways outside the classroom. It is not uncommon for teachers to also coach a school sport (for which they are paid a stipend), work with students as a tutor in the summers, or teach exercise classes.

The Scott Valley Unified School District (SVUSD) is home to over 600 students and is comprised of two elementary schools, a junior high and a high school. In addition, we have an alternative high school, a community day school, and an independent study program.

At a time when most educators can’t afford to buy a home where they work, Scott Valley stands out as a unique and inviting place to live. Not only can a teacher afford a home in our school district, but they can be a single earner household and raise a family. Almost all teachers live within a 10-minute drive of their place of employment, and if their spouse works, they tend to work nearby as well. Teachers’ children are enrolled in our district too.

Adventure-seekers are attracted to Scott Valley because it borders three spectacular Wilderness Areas:  the Marble Mountains, Russians and Trinity Alps. The natural beauty and diversity of the area provide a playground for outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, rafting, kayaking, biking and more. There is backcountry snowboarding off Etna and Callahan summits, downhill skiing at nearby Mount Shasta and Mount Ashland, granite climbing routes at Castle Crags State Park, and - about ten miles away - the Pacific Crest Trail.