School Board

The Board of Trustees for the Scott Valley Unified School District has five dedicated members elected for a four-year term.

All regular and special meetings are open to the public, and notice is provided in accordance with the Open Meeting Law.  The Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month.

School boards are charged with decisions that impact what students learn, how students are taught, how learning is measured, how teachers are supported with professional development, how funds are focused on District priorities, and how effectively the community is engaged with student learning. Our Board of Trustees has many responsibilities and duties, including hiring the Superintendent, making decisions on school property, approving contracts, authorizing bids and expenditures, approving school budgets, overseeing curriculum, and approving issues related to personnel.

Those who serve on the Board of Trustees are truly committed to the School District's goal of striving toward educational excellence and enriching Scott Valley's learning community.