Mission Statement

Our School Bus Fleet is operated as a service to the school community. Our customers have every reason to expect us to provide this service in a safe, courteous, and satisfactory manner. By completing this mission, we assure that we shall assist in our District meeting its goals.


All Transportation personnel will insure that all the students are transported to and from home safely.
All Drivers will achieve 100% Route completion without incident or accident.
All drivers will arrive on time to their assigned schools so that students are assured to receive 100% of planned instruction.

On average our department  transports:
80,000 students in our buses from home to school each year.
445 students in our four bus routes per day.
145 activity bus trips totaling  19,000 miles per school year.
152 activity van trips totaling  54,000 miles per school year.

Contact: Dianne Hasemeyer, 467-3297

Mechanic: Scott Bennett