Meeting Dates & Locations

The Board of Trustees holds its regular meetings on the third Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise posted. Special meetings may be called with proper notice to address important issues and/or emergencies. The public is encouraged to attend. If you wish to speak at a Board meeting, there is a public comment section.  The public is invited to address the Board on any matter not included on the agenda or items included on the agenda.  Presentations are limited to three minutes.  Please be aware that this is a private meeting held in a public place and the board is prohibited by law from taking action on any items presented if it is not listed on the agenda.

The Superintendent prepares an agenda in advance of each meeting that is made available to Board members and the community through the District web page and posted at each school site.  Board packets are available for viewing at each of our school sites or at the District Office.

SVUSD 2024 Board Meeting Dates - annual calendar